Trevor is an intelligent young man with a bright future. However, he also suffers from bipolar disorder, and is very much in denial about the nature of his illness. After a particularly violent episode of mania, his mother sends him to an old family friend, Dr. Robert Weldon, for treatment. Dr. Weldon takes Trevor in, inviting him to stay in his home with his wife Cynthia and young son Alton while he undergoes therapy.  As Trevor contends with his own brain, he’ll discover a nearly twenty-year-old secret that may determine whether he conquers his illness, or if his illness conquers him.


TC Carson

   Dr. Robert Weldon

Tracy J. Campbell

   Trevor Matthews, Jr.

Shavonia Jones

   Rachel Matthews

Tasia Grant

   Cynthia Weldon

Nicholas L. Ashe

   Gavin Matthews

Lauren Megan